Splashin’ into a Summer Review+Giveaway!

DISCLOSURE: Recently I was given the opportunity to take Sugar Medicals diabetes insulated backpack on a few of my Summer adventures. With full transparency they gifted this to me to use and give my honest opinion on the product. I was not paid, or compensated in any way, to give my review. All words and thoughts are my very own. With any company I work with know that I will be 100% real and honest. If it is not something I truly believe in then I will not recommend it and vice versa.

Now, let’s jump right in.

Summer for me and my little family means lots of excitement and fun in the heat. Swimming, camping, hiking, and of course amusement parks. Being a type one diabetic does not take away from those adventures but it does mean planning for absolutely everything. And if being a mom to two crazy kiddos and living with type one diabetes has taught me anything it is that something will most definitely go wrong.

One of the hardest things to plan for is how hot and humid it will be. I have precious insulin on me at all times whether that be in my insulin pump or a vial in my supply carrying case. Something I worry about often is keeping that insulin cool while out and about with my family. As most of you know once insulin has been exposed to the elements it will no longer work as it is supposed to. Which could mean bad news for me.

Here is where this cool bag comes into play…pun intented.

It is an insulated supply carrying backpack. I will link the one I have here.


When I first opened the package I was skeptical. It seems a bit small in size so of course I had to put it to the test. I carry a lot of things, friends. So I like my purses big. I wondered if everything I needed would be able to sit in here comfortably.

Challenge accepted.

As I began filling the bag with all of my necessities I was impressed. I was able to fit my actual supply case with my Omnipod PDM, insulin, syringe, lancet, and batteries. As well as a cellphone, the icepack (which fits into a sleeve that is inside the bag), my wallet, and my sunglasses. On one side of the backpack there is a mesh sleeve for a 16oz water bottle. There is also a pocket on the very outside that I had my fruit snack and Chapstick in. All in all it carried every single thing I needed.

Now that everything was safe and secure it was time to test this bad boy out.

Here you can see my daughter and I modeling the bag to give you a quick look at it on. She wanted to keep it for herself. Purple just so happens to be her favorite color, too. That is what I love about this bag. It looks sporty and lowkey enough that no one thought it was for medical supplies. I had someone say how cute it was and they loved that fanny packs were making a comeback.

We started our day at a waterpark. Here we would see just how well this back pack held up to the heat and water. It did really well. After about two hours of just sitting in the blazing sun I checked my supplies and my insulin was still nice and cool.

Then came our impromptu campout. (We ended up not staying overnight because I forgot to toss a pod in my bag, cue things going wrong) but we stayed for the most important stuff; food and smores. I trekked through water parks, smoky campfires, and tossed it in folding chairs. It did the job and then some.


Overall I really liked this bag.

It was stylish, slick, and fit everything. But here come a few cons for me personally. I wish it were a smidge bigger. Now, this is just a personal preference. Not everyone wants to carry all the snacks in the fridge plus the kitchen sink. I do. Even if I had remembered my pod I do not think it would have fit. I had this bag at max capacity. However, if you’re a runner or someone who hikes a lot this is PERFECT! It will hold what you need and isn’t going anywhere.

Another concern I had was how it would look on me. I am a curvier woman and was afraid this would look funny on my back. I will say that it is very comfortable and the adjustable strap did help keep things in place.

I liked that.

So despite a few minor things I would still give this a 5/5 hands down. Not to mention it is very affordable if this is something you are in the market for.

Have any questions? Drop them in the comments below.

A huge shoutout to Sugar medical for giving me the chance to try this out. I still plan to hit the amusement park with this backpack in tow.

Also head to my Facebook page for details on how to enter the giveaway because thanks to Sugar Medical one lucky person will get to win one of these awesome backpacks. Just click the link and search for this review.

6 thoughts on “Splashin’ into a Summer Review+Giveaway!

  1. Katie says:

    I love when you do reviews, you are always so honest! I’m also glad you liked the sugar medical bags, I might have to look into them for some gifts to my T1D friends.

    • Elizabeth F. says:

      Yes, I think any T1D in your life would absolutely love this bag. It really helps keep things organized and cool. Thanks for checking out the review! 😎

  2. Tara Weiss says:

    I have looked at it couple of times thinking I would not have room. Thanks for the review. I might get this bag for Disney in December. I am T2 and always on the go with two kids in activities and school trips and traveling.

    • Elizabeth F. says:

      I’ve slowly been transitioning to this being my everyday bag. I like to carry too much stuff to be honest so this has been great for my diabetes supplies and essentials. It’s actually quite big for it’s purpose. If you haven’t already be sure to enter the giveaway on the Facebook page. I think this would be a perfect bag for Disney. Its compact enough you probably wouldn’t even have to take it off for rides.

  3. Jan says:

    I also have one of these bags. I too, wish it was just a bit bigger because I like to carry more stuff with me. Always filling to max capacity. They are very stylish, love the sling and that it’s not a full on backpack. I also think the mesh could go up farther on the bag to hold the water bottle.

    • Elizabeth F. says:

      Yes, I think the bag is awesome overall. I agree with the mesh going up higher and having the bag just a bit bigger. But other than that it does really well running around and having what I need on me. It’s very cute and I love how breathable the fabric is. The ice pack pocket is nice, too. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. I really appreciate that!

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